EpiShuttle - The Transport System for Infectious Patients

The EpiShuttle is a module-based patient-isolation-system that has specifically been build for the transport and temporary isolation of a patient. The device protects the patient from a potentially contaminated environment (over-pressure-mode) or protects the environment from the infected patient (vacuum-mode). The EpiShuttle offers an ideal level of security as well as multiple options of treatment while transporting or treating a hospitalized isolation. The device is easy and quick to clean and thus reusable.

EpiShuttle is compatible with all common gurneys in emergency vehicles (certified by DIN EN 1789) and can additionally be installed in emergency choppers for a safe transport. By using a vacuum and four P3-Filters the isolator protects the environment of cross-contamination with highly infective diseases. By using CBRN-filters, the over-pressure mode protects the isolated patient from dangerous substances in the environment. Designed to allow a comprehensive emergency treatment, emergency measures such as intubation, artificial respiration or the placement of central venous catheters are possible while the patient is isolated.


Video Functionality
EpiShuttle - Video Patient Transport

Innovative Air Filtration Technology


In Vacuum-Mode an under-pressure is being generated in the inside of the EpiShuttle.  The air stream is induced from the in-line fiter at the top and exits at the bottom end.  The negative pressure on the inside of the isolator prevents the escaping of contaminated air.  




In Overpressure-Mode the system generates excess pressure on the inside of the EpiShuttle in proportion to its surroundings. The air stream is induced from the in-line fiter at the top and exits at the bottom end. Contaminated air reaching the isolator is prevetned by the pressure on its inside. 

Epishuttle Facts

Gurney compatible

EpiShuttle is equipped with a mounting system made out of areonautic tracks which allows a fast and secure attachtment to all common gurneys in emergency vehicles (DIN EN 1789) airplanes and helicopters.  



Close to the Patient 

To ensure medical treatment (eg. intubation, ventilation etc.) while transporting a patient, the EpiShuttle is equipped with eight ports. These ports are supplied with gloves and other accesories such as flush- and wastebags that are changeable while the EpiShuttle is in use. 


The EpiShuttle can be used multiple times as it is simple and quick to clean and disinfect. Its assembling and disassembling is effortless and does not require any tools. 

Quickly loadable  

Thanks to its simple application and intuitve functions a quick patient transfer is possible. The solid coverage, guaranteeing an air-tight seal, can be removed and re-attachted quickly with the EpiShuttles unique interlocking system. 


EpiShuttle can be in permanent operation for at least 6 hours. Its battery can be changed during transport which ensures the saftey of the patient as well as protects the environment from contamination.  

Dual Saftey System

The pressure-modes can either be used to protect the environment from the infected patient or to protect the patient from harmful substances in the sourrounding air.  The device meets several criteria in relation to precautions such as defualt, contact, droplets as well as air. 

Emergency Treatment  

EpiShuttle has multiple medical ports to connect infusions, monitoring cables and similar equipment for the artificial respiration of a patient. The Emergency Treatment System makes it possible for the health staff to adminster medicaments and provide treatment without initiating contact.  

Ideal Comfort 

During the development of the EpiShuttle it was important to provide as much comfort for the patient as possible. The integrated stretcher can be adjusted under the knees as well as the spine in order to increase the comfort of the patient and faciliate the treatment. The clear cover allows improved communication between patient and environment. 

More Information:

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