Exhibition Dates 2019

January 19th "Medical Intervention Car" Symposium Uni-Klinik, Heidelberg
21.-22. March DINK (German Interdisciplinary Emergency Congress), Koblenz 
15.-17. MayRETTmobil, Booth G1314(Dräger), F1207(Epiguard), Fulda 
19.-24. May43rd ICMM World Congress on Military Medicine, Basel
23.-25. MayAnnual Conference GNPI, Leipzig
September 14thMiNi - Children-Emergencysymposium, Mainz






The new Oxylog has been updated to Software-Status 1.1 

- Changing of all ventiation modes without standby 

- Additional pressure- and Flowcurve


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Developed especially for in-hospital transports it comes with plenty of compartment storage space and two Dräger tracks for the adaption of medical...

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The Epishuttle can be adapted onto all common gurneys and aviation systems within seconds.

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Instrument holders for Dräger respirators VE 300, with or without bottle holders, are now handily applicable to Dräger tracks.

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